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Helping to explain school closure

Understanding why school is closed and why their routine has changed may be difficult for some children to understand.  


Helping me to understand my school’s closure…

  • Usually I go to school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
  • Sometimes this changes and I don’t go to school. This might be for a special time of year or a holiday.
  • People in charge of England have said that we have to close all schools – including my own. This is because of something called the Coronavirus.
  • The reason they are closing the school is because it will people to not get poorly. This will help the doctors help those who need it.
  • By not going into school, I am doing a kind thing.
  • My grown-ups will let me know when I can go back to school because Mrs Swaysland will tell them. She loves writing letters to my parents and they love reading them!
  • I’m going to stay healthy by washing my hands lots and using a tissue when I cough or sneeze.
  • I may stay away from my friends for a little while, but, I can phone them, speak to them over facetime or skype with a grown-ups permission.
  • It will be nice to spend some more time at home and play with my toys when I am allowed.
  • My teachers will speak with me once a week and are going to send me learning and task every day so I can keep enjoying, achieving and learning.
  • They will be proud of me for keeping myself busy!