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Phonics (the knowledge of sounds):

At Ivingswood Academy, we are committed to ensuring that all children develop the ability to communicate fluently and effectively. “Read Write Inc” is a programme of learning designed to support children in their phonic development.

Using “Read Write Inc”, children in Nursery, Reception, Year One and Year Two are taught to recognise the sounds within words, and then blend the sounds together to decode text and to write.

Children work within groups. Every few weeks, their knowledge and skills are reviewed, and regrouped according to their progress.

During the Summer term of Year 1, the children undertake the National Phonics Screening Check to ascertain if they have reached the nationally expected standards for children of their age. The results of these tests are communicated with parents along with each child’s annual report. Children that do not meet the national requirement will be retested in Year 2. Children who require further support in Phonics higher up the school will receive it through tailored interventions.

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