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Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND)

At Ivingswood Academy we recognise that every child has their own needs and abilities.  We embrace our responsibility to help each and every child fulfil their potential, including those with Special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). 

Our commitment is to:

  • Identify the needs of pupils with SEND as early as possible 
  • Carefully monitor the progress of all children in order to identify possible SEN needs
  • Intervene when progress is less than expected, to ensure that all pupils achieve their full potential
  • Provide a qualified Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator (SENDCO) 
  • Provide relevant training for all staff through CPD and external courses relevant to the needs of the pupils they work with
  • Work with and maintain relationships with external agencies when the child's needs cannot be met by school alone
  • Communicate and work with parents to gain a better understanding of their child
  • Provide equality of educational opportunity
  • Make appropriate provision to overcome all barriers to learning and ensure that children with SEND have full access to the curriculum
  • Help children develop their personalities, skills and abilities
  • Operate a “whole child, whole school” approach to the management and provision of support for special educational needs. All teachers are required to respond to a child’s learning needs and set suitable learning challenges. This will incorporate ‘quality first’ teaching.

Our SENDCo is Anna Fenelon.

SEND Annual Report

Please find out most recent SEND annual reports below: